March 17, 2017


Happy "LUCKY" St. Patty's DAY Friday!  WHO HOO!  We are giving away 17 {yes, 17!} Little Chick & Shamrock Bag kits today in honor of St. Patty's Day over on our Facebook Page!  How FUN is that!!!!  So be sure to comment on the FB post for a chance to WIN! 

Have you took a moment to "HOP" over to the website?  We have some of the CUTEST spring designs around!  You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!!!  We have a limited amount of kits available, so be sure to check them out before they are gone!  We also put some fantastic aged muslin bundles on there, too!   

On the shop front… We keep meeting our deadlines, kitting TONS of new projects/kits & are having a blast doing it at the shop!  We are also getting in tons of wool, fabrics & more threads!  We can't wait to get these on the web for you to enjoy!  We also stumbled upon some fantastic trims that we know you will LOVE!!!   BTW- I typically don't mention anything… but we have been having BIG issues with receiving  your orders from our website… So just know we have many tickets in to our host, Like Sew Websites- to FIX our site to make everything work properly to avoid delays and much more!
SPRING CLEANING SALE NEXT WEEK:  I am running out of ROOM in the shop & the workroom!  So it is time to MOVE some AWESOME goods!  I will be starting to put some great deals on the website next week.  Many things are VERY LIMITED, but I will still be putting them on there!  We will be having pattern grab bags, half priced books, cheap pattern sets, great deals on kits that are out of season & more!  I will put things on whenever I have time!

I am SWAMPED!  All I seem to do is "HOP" from deadline to deadline! LOL!  I just finish one and 2 more are sprung on me!  I just got notification that I have to submit 2 more lines of fabric by April 1st!  YIKES!  There is SEW much that goes on behind the scenes!  One day I would LOVE to share that with you!  The shop is also getting a couple of facelifts here and there!  Every once and awhile you just need to refresh things!
NEW BLOCK OF THE MONTHS COMING!  Next week we will be releasing the 1st Block of our SUMMER BOM!   It will be a 7 block quilt.  We will be offering it for 6 months!  We will not be releasing it in pattern form… you will only be able to purchase it as a kit.  It is an exclusive just for YOU!!!!  I don't have a NAME for it… so I am hoping you gals will help me come up with an awesome SUMMER themed name for it!

INTERNATIONAL SPRING MARKET!  Well…. I was going, then I was not… and now I AM exhibiting!  You know what that means… MORE NEW GOODS!  Market is in St. Louis and always falls on my daughter's birthday, prom & robotics competition.  I PROMISED my daughter that we will be here for it this year so… we will be driving down, setting up the booth, flying back, enjoying all the moments we can with her, including helping her get ready for prom and then fly back for the last day, work the show and drive back!  It will be expensive & chaotic… but SOOOO worth it!  First off, I am a MOMMA… and I LOVE being one!!!!!!!!!!

On the HOME front!  The girls are on SPRING BREAK!  Grace and her friend Elsie are working for some "cha ching" over the break!  They both have BIG plans of buying a car for when they get their licenses!!! LOL!  They even beat me to work today!!!!  Hannah is under the weather and resting!  We have no big plans… just looking forward to spending time together!  We are so busy…. so this will be a nice blessing!  George and I are going to the Miranda Lambert concert tonight if we are both are up for it!  The viruses are still lingering in us!  But, it would be nice to enjoy an evening with my honey!!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!  Thanks so much for brightening my days!  I hope you all have a FANTASTIC St. Patty's Day and enjoy your weekend!  Please head over to our FB page and leave me a comment below for a chance to WIN 1 of 17 kits!  And don't forget… I am looking for a great name for the SUMMER BOM!  XO Stacy

March 10, 2017

Mystery Block 3 Revealed * NEW KITS * NEW PATTERNS!

Happy "LUCKY" Friday!  AND… Guess what today is?  It is the release of our next block {block 3} in our LIVE EACH SEASON "Mystery" BOM!  This one is the perfect block to end our 1st row!  It features a clay pot of tulips & daffodils!  Can you believe we are moving on to the 2nd row soon!  Next month we will be starting the "Summer" row!  It sure felt like summer with all the thunderstorms we've had lately!  Unfortunately, we even had a tornado touchdown not too far away here in MN, on Monday. 

SPRING!  Spring has sprung at the BASIN!  We are starting to share a few of our NEW spring designs with you on our website!  We are loving working with our vintage look wools!  They lend themselves so nicely to spring themed designs!  We also have designed some fantastic "LUCKY" Clover & Chick designs for this time of year!  They will blend in nicely with other spring designs and are able to be kept out throughout the entire spring!  Plus… you can never have to many "LUCKY" Clovers around!!!  I LOVE 4 leaf clovers!  AND - since I am talking about the 4 leaf clover…. I have also added the project that we are making at the shop this weekend to our website for you!  I want to be sure you all have the opportunity to make this darling little sack!  It is so cute!!!!   All these new designs are available on the website under  shop online!
If you are local, we do have 3 sessions for our make it take it.  We are pretty full, but you are welcome to see if we can sneak you in!  We also have the best dessert this month from Shelly!  It features crushed Oreos, cheesecake, mint & so much more!  We will also have more goodies and giveaways!  Shop is open 10-4 today and 10-4 on Saturday!
On the home front, I am sick {again}…sign!  However, I am on the mend!  I had high fevers and I was smoking hot…  And not in the sexy way!!!!  LOL!  I continue to be reassured that one will never be too old for popsicles and a little tlc!  Luckily, George has been cooking, taking/picking up the kiddos, and even worked from a coffee shop this afternoon - as he had to take Hannah and a few kids {along with "Hornet" the robot}  to Target for an event.   I'm blessed with great kids & an awesome husband!!!

On the shop note… I am LUCKY there too!  The gals have been doing a great job getting ahead of things!  I think you will notice your orders are getting out much faster!  If you are coming to the shop this weekend… they are also holding that down for me while I am laying low!  I am hoping to stop in for a bit tomorrow!?!?   Either way, Saturday everyone will have their St. Patty's green hats & necklaces on!   Be ready for stitching, shopping, snacking & FUN!!!!  We can't wait!!!!
Hope you all are staying creative!  I can't believe how many projects have been shared to our FB page!   They are sooooo awesome!!!!   It makes me sooo happy to see all your work and creativity!  Keep up the good work everyone!  And please head over to our FB page and leave a comment for a chance to win the NEW BLOCK 3 KIT!!!!!!  Have a great weekend!  Stacy!!!

March 3, 2017

NEW Hexi Kits * NEW Bringing Home the Tree BOM * St. Patty's Party * SHOP OPEN

Happy "LUCKY" Friday!  Today we are giving away kits of the NEW MARCH HEXI Mat over on our FB page!  We know you all have been waiting for the release of this pattern/kit as well as our companion project, Hexi "WORD" Door Greeter March!  These were SOO fun to design!  I know many of us don't have much d├ęcor for St. Patty's Day… so these will be great pieces to make and enjoy!!!!  Don't forget… next weekend we will have more March "themed" projects too, as we celebrate St. Patty's Day at the shop and ONLINE! 

I hear many of you have missed my posts over the last couple of weeks!  You know I LOVE YOU guys!!!  I have missed you too!!!!  As many of you know, I am also a momma to two beautiful girls…. Hannah & Gracie!  And… since Han is graduating, I am making sure I enjoy these last few months with her before she leaves the nest!  It is bittersweet!  It seemed most of my time over the last two weeks was spent with them!  For starters, Gracie turned 15 and took her drivers written test on Monday & passed!!!!  {Now I have 2 girls with permits!  Double the worry!}  Grace also had her dance banquet, where she lettered as a Freshman & received a few awards!  She also needed help with a senior board for her "big sister" in dance and is now Lacrosse has started!  Hannah has kept me the busiest with robotics, appointments, reveal nights, orchestra & college stuff!! LOL!  She just found out she got into the University or MN, as well as, Iowa State.  We have been getting the ducks in a row for college and started to think about her grad party!  And yes, I am also working on the house!  I totally need to STOP watching Joanna!  Now I am in the process of making a wood wall!  Say what?  LOL!  Last weekend Hannah's team had their 1st robotics practice comp and today started their 1st "real" regional competition!  So I am writing this from the hotel room in Duluth, MN!  We can't wait to watch them today and Saturday!

Of course, the shop has been keeping me busy too!  We are knee deep in spring designs!  In the next two weeks you will see a lot of new chicks, bunnies, tulips and of course, new wool bundles!   We also have finally received fabric to offer a SMALLER amount of kits then we had hoped for -  for our Bringing Home the Tree BOM!  Starting now, we will be offering this as a BOM.  Each month, we will release the kits for the next block, ending with a finishing kit!  You will receive the pattern for that block and the kit each month.  We know many of you have struggled with getting the same color palette or "look" of our quilt… so we are THRILLED to make this happen for you!  You can order it online under the NEW! NEW! NEW! category!  We would LOVE to offer MORE kits, but we just can't get enough of the woven fabrics to make it happen!  That is why we have had to wait soooo long to start this BOM!  It has been a struggle to get supplies lately…. 

FABRIC LINE!  I can finally say that today I sent the last package off to Henry Glass for my fabric line!  YIPPEE!  My work is complete!  My panel turned out cooler then I had expected!  {Happy dance!}  I can also let you know that it will be available to order at spring market, in May!  It will hit the shops by fall!  It is very different then my last line!  I think you all will be pleasantly surprised!  Of, course, it still has some great prints that I know you will love!  There is a bit more to this line, but I am not allowed to share it until market with you!  I am so sorry!  I guarantee you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next week I will be doing a trunk show and teaching in New Ulm, MN.  They have allowed me to open it up to any of you who would love to have any of you come!  It is on Thursday, March 9th.  Class is 12:30 to 4:30 and the trunk show is at 7:00 pm.  You can call Bonnie at 507-228-8536 to sign up.  It is held at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 201 N. State Street, New Ulm MN.  I'd love to see you there!!!
Thanks for meeting back up here today!  I hope you all have had a great week and have a fantastic weekend!  Don't forget to leave a comment over on our FB for a chance to win the new kits!   Don't forget the shop is open next week {Thurs-Sat}!  We will also be having our St. Patty's Party/Workshop at the shop!  You can sign up for 1 of 3 sessions!  We will also be celebrating online as well!  Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!  Stacy

February 10, 2017

New Mystery Block Reveal * New Patterns * Wool & More

Happy "LUCKY" Friday!!!! I can't believe I am on time today! Yippee!!! I am also soooo excited to GIVEAWAY 12 BLOCK 2 KITS! It really has been a fantastic week here at the Basin! I am blessed to have awesome help & great customers who have been coming in while we are open this weekend! Tomorrow is the "BIG" PARTY DAY at the shop! We have our make it take it's ready and Shelly will be bringing in her delicious Valentine homemade treats!!! So be ready for some FUN tomorrow starting at 10 am at the shop!

Have you seen the NEW LIVE EACH SEASON "Mystery" BOM Block 2? I know some of you have because orders were coming in when I was uploading the new products! I just love that you gals are so excited about it! Thanks for joining us in our bom!!! Don't forget we have kits available, as well as the thread kit for row #1 to purchase on our website!

NEW PRODUCTS for VALENTINE'S Day! If you are like me… nothing excites me more than wool & patterns! So in case you want to spoil yourself this Valentine's day… I designed some darling heart themed projects just for you in mind! The best part is that the colors are gorgeous in our kits and you will be able to keep them out all year long! Plus… they are calorie free!!!! LOL!!! These kits are limited so head over and enjoy them while they are available!

I also put together another gorgeous wool bundle that is full of the shades of "sweethearts"! We have a nice assortment of pinks, reds, warm purples & cream textured wools in this bundle! It really is a lovely & fresh bundle of joy! To keep in the spirit of Valentine's day… I put together a luscious collection of hand over dyed floss & a cute little button pack to use in your "sweet heart" projects!!!! I hope you enjoy them!

WOOLSTOCK! The dates are set and we are opening up registration for our BIG & EXCITING 3 DAY EVENT! The price is $325.00 for all 3 days including patterns, kits, breakfast, lunch, a party on Friday night & much more! We are limited due to the size of our space - so sign up early to guarantee your spot! As you recall, people flew in from all over the country! We hope to have just as big of a turn out this year and hope for much more! We will also be having FUN EVENTS at the shop & getting a BIG tent for make it takes and more!!!! We will have our flyer available by next Friday with all the deets!!!! All I can say… is it's my FAV event of the year and I can't wait to make it a GREAT one for all of you who attend! Oh… You can sign up online! It is under "shop online"!!!!! Feel free to call the shop for any other questions you may have! 763-792-0638

Before I wrap up… I have to share the best news of the week with you all! Yesterday I became a "Great Auntie"! Our Godson Tyler & his wife Cassy, had a baby boy and his name is Wesley! He is adorable and both he and mommy are doing great! I can't wait to meet & SPOIL him!!!! … I am about to close up the shop & go run a couple errands before George and I are head out to the Timberwolves Game tonight! It should be FUN!!!! As always… I hope you all have a great weekend! Please leave me a comment over on our FB page for a chance to win a kit....and let me know what's shaking in your part of town!!!! Take care!!! Enjoy the block! Stacy
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